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Week 8: 2nd November 2020

It was so lovely to see you all back after the holiday. It sounds like the children all had a lovely half term!


This week we have been doing lots of revision and recapping to reinforce all of our learning from last half term. In phonics we did learn the sound 'l' and a new tricky word 'go' Please see the phonics homework letter that explains this. We focussed on reading and writing CVC words with all of our sounds this week. We added in 'ff' and 'll' as well, practising words such as 'tell' and 'puff'. We then challenged ourselves with some words made up as 4 sounds such as 'stuff' and 'smell'. We practised sounding these out on our fingers, checking we had heard all of the correct sounds and then writing them on our whiteboards. Next week, we are going to continue this, with a bit of writing each day in our Phonics books. 


Maths was lots of recapping too on the numbers 1-5. We focussed on ordering and comparing them too. Using ordinal numbers (first, second) and language such as smallest, biggest, less than, more and fewer to compare them. Numberblocks has been popular again this week, re-watching some of our favourite episodes so far, especially 'Off we go!'. We also watched an episode called 'Stampolines'. This is all about the number 1, the smallest number of all, being the most important because you use lots of the number 1 to make up all the bigger numbers. The Numberblocks used their blocks to do some printing and this lead on nicely to our art activity...


We spoke about Bonfire Night on Thursday, learning a bit about Guy Fawkes and why we have fireworks and bonfires. We spoke about how to keep ourselves and each other safe around fireworks as well. We then used inspiration from Numberblocks and printed to make some firework pictures. We made the Numberblock characters out of multilink cubes and changed them in to different shapes to print with. We added some glitter (Mrs Forty's favourite thing!) to make them sparkle and now they are up on the wall in our classroom. 


Next week is going to be a busy one (again!) so I have asked the children to get lots of early nights over the weekend. (Hopefully that means you can have some peaceful evenings to yourself!!) We will be learning about Remembrance Day, Diwali and Children in Need, with lots of lovely Art and History learning. We are going to be thinking about number bonds in Maths and lots more practising of reading and writing CVC (and some longer words too!) in Phonics. Our topic focus is going to be 'Houses and Homes' over the next few weeks, first looking at our own, then where animals live and linking in some stories such as 'The Three Little Pigs' to help us with some writing tasks. 


Enjoy your weekends - stay warm and stay safe!


See you all on Monday!