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Week 10: 15.03.21

This week in Orange class it has been filled and busy with lots of fun learning. Throughout the week we have had a big push on our tricky words in Phonics. During home learning as you know the children were taught lots of new tricky words and we have spent this week recapping and exploring these words so that the children become familiar with them which will in turn support their reading and writing fluency. These words include ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘we’, ‘me’, ‘be’, ‘they’, ‘you’, ‘my’, ‘all’, ‘are’, ‘was’ and ‘her’. We have had lots of fun activities both in the classroom and outside (as I’m sure you have seen) to support the children’s learning of these words. We have also been singing the Tricky Words song all week and I’m sure the children will be singing it in their sleep because I know I have. We have also learnt three news sounds: these are ‘or’, ‘ur’ and ‘ow’. Feel free to write or make some flashcards for these new sounds and add them to the flashcards you made during home learning.


In Maths this week we have been exploring the numbers 9 and 10. As always we have looked at lots of different ways to represent these numbers using Numicon, die, dominoes, playing cards, number fans and tens frames. I know you may be thinking how are we still only looking at the numbers to 10 but when we look at these numbers we really like to explore them in-depth so that the children understand everything about that number.


Today we also began exploring seasons. We thought about what happened during Winter when some of the children were at home learning and what sort of things we saw were different to Autumn. We then began to explore Spring however because it’s quite early into the season we began making some predictions as to what might happen to the trees, flowers and animals during the season. 


We have also begun another class experiment, as the children enjoyed the first one so much. This time keeping with our spring theme we have put white flowers into some coloured water we made predictions at the beginning of the week to as to what we think might happen to the flowers as they progress and there was some really good ideas such as leaves changing colours the flowers growing and some children even mentioned the possibility of the petals changing colour. We have got three different coloured waters these are red blue and purple and we make daily observational drawings of these to show the changes and differences through the week. I know I’m very excited to look at them on Monday and see how or if they have changed at all. 


As always I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all bright on Monday morning.