Bushey Primary

Education Federation

Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1: 6th January 2020

It has been lovely to welcome back all of the children this week. We have enjoyed finding out what everyone has been up to over the holidays. Thank you parents for sending in lots of holiday photos for the children to share this week. They have enjoyed sharing these with their friends and using them to write about their holidays.


We used this week in phonics to revise what we had learned in the first term. We have also been writing lots of CVC words this week, sounding out the words first before writing them. Next week we will continue with our Phase 3 of phonics. Children will begin to learn ‘digraphs’ and these new sounds will be added to their sound tags at the end of next week. Please remember that reading books and records must be at school every day so that adults can read with your child.


In maths this week we looked at numerals. We worked on recognising them and putting them in order. We then removed numbers from the number line and worked out what was missing. We had explain how we knew which number was missing to show our understanding. We also began to talk about ‘one more’ and how we could work this out.


The children have been talking about space this week and so next week we will begin to learn about space. We will read the story ‘Whatever Next’ and talk about astronauts and travelling to the moon.