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Week 5: 5th October 2020

And that's another week done in Green Class! And they seem to be getting busier and busier...


We have continued our Phonics lessons with 4 new sounds; g, o, c and k. (You'll find the letter in school bags with the information on this.) We have been really practising our oral blending and we're learning to listening to the sounds in simple 2 and 3 letter words so that we can find or write the letters to begin learning to spell words too. We are really doing so well with our Phonics learning and I am very proud of how hard they all listen and try in our lessons. They have come so far in just a few short weeks.


Our Maths focus has been number 3 this week. We have used our learning around numbers 1 and 2 to help us build up our knowledge of number 3. The children are really becoming confident with the maths resources that we can use to help us explain our learning. We have been thinking about adding amounts together to make 3, such as using 3 1p coins (we had a big chat about there not being a 3p coin and they decided that we should invent one!!) and even how we could have a 2p coin and just add on a 1p coin to get to 3p. Our Numberblocks episodes have helped us again this week and we have been linking this to using Numicon and learning about triangles too. This week we watched the episodes called 'Three' and 'One, Two, Three' if you would like to watch them again at home. 


Number 3 links nicely in to some lovely traditional tales too, so we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears in class. Then we decided to make some bear masks so that we could role play the story using props. The children were very creative making the masks and really took their time designing and cutting out their masks. Their language around storytelling was fantastic too! We had porridge oats in one of the trays outside with some Maths resources in as well as story props. This was definitely a big hit!


We have been talking about our senses this week, how and when we use them and which body parts we use for each sense. We listened to sounds inside and outside, using language such as loud and quiet to describe what we could hear. We will be continuing our learning about senses next week too.


As it is Autumn, we also thought about Harvest this week too. We learnt about what harvest is, when it happens, which fruits and vegetables are harvested and how they are picked or dug up. We used this in our creative learning and did some observational drawings of different fruits and vegetables, exploring and describing the skins as well the insides of them too. This linked nicely in to our senses learning about sight! We thought about the language used to describe each one and spoke about our likes and dislikes around food. 


I told you it was a busy week!!


Have a lovely weekend - I'm sure they will all be in bed early tonight! 

See you all on Monday!