Bushey Primary

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Week Ending 20.11.20

In Maths, we were multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100 and looking again at place value. We must remember that for multiplying we move our numbers (which are becoming bigger) to the left, and for division (our numbers are becoming smaller), to the right. 


In English, we chose our own topic on which to research and then write a non-chronological report. There were some great ideas ranging from football clubs to the art of dance and fashion. We are really excited about reading the finished reports!


In Science, we conducted and then wrote up an experiment, continuing with our theme of plants. We selected 3 roses and 3 chrysanthemums and put them in cups of water and food dye to test which type of flower sucked up water the quickest and whether stem length was also a factor. A fascinating experiment!


In History, we looked further at life in Roman times and cemented our understanding by the children undertaking role plays in groups. Great contributions all round and a lot of fun! 


In PHSE, we considered what constitutes bullying and how it could sometimes be difficult to spot. There were some great discussions from the children and the theme was perfect for anti-bullying week.