Bushey Primary

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Week 13

The penultimate week of the longest term known to teacher or student and the finish line is in sight!


In English, we have continued working on our work for rewriting a chapter of Who Let the Gods Out.  This week we have been focusing on how to show the reader how a character is feeling rather than telling them and it involved a great game of charades with children acting out different emotions and everybody thinking about what different emotions look like.  We have started to look at the chapter from another character's point of view and refreshed our memories on the rules of direct speech.


In Maths, we completed out Autumn assessments and finished out unit on multiplication and have started short division.  We are focusing on using the correct language of division and have banished the words "in to" for this particular topic!


In Science we completed our air resistance experiments using some willing plastic dinosaurs as apparently we don't have any Lego figures in school!  It was great to see such team work in the manufacturing of the parachutes and then everyone understanding their role in the experiment to ensure that it was a fair test.


In RE, we have learned about Yom Kippur as part of our learning about Judaism and different celebrations.