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Week 4: 23rd September

This week we learnt all about our new favourite animal: PARROTS! Thank you for researching parrot facts. The children were so excited to share these on Monday and it made for a brilliant discussion and it is lovely when the children teach me something! We have been busy with parrot crafts and an exciting piece of Parrot artwork should be on show in the classroom next week. Fingers crossed! 


On Wednesday a parcel was delivered to the classroom by Mrs Harrington. It had a label saying it was from South America and it had some strange holes in the top. We opened it as a class and inside was a beautiful Macaw parrot. A letter informed us that the parrot would be staying with us and watching and helping us learn. Every weekend the parrot will choose a child and family to spend the weekend with. First though the parrot needed a name. After a vote we decided on Skye. I hope you will enjoy welcoming Skye into your home as some point this year. 


We we are finishing our baselines and focused on phonics and maths this week. We have been checking the children’s auditory skills which helps with the beginnings of reading as well at what sounds they already know. The children have also been sharing their mathematical knowledge which will help us plan our starting points for this years learning. Next week we will be sending home reading books. A letter will be going home with these and we hope that this will support you in supporting your child to read. If you have any other questions please come and see me. 


We we have really enjoyed sharing the children’s favourite stories as part of our All About Me topic. If your child hasn’t chosen a book to bring in yet please do so next week as the children have loved talking about their favourite book and it has been lovely to share lots of different types of books. So far we have looked at non-fiction, fiction and poetry. It is a great was for the children to be exposed to different types of books and authors. 


Over the weekend 

- We will be collecting familiar print to display in the classroom. Please could you collect or take photographs of familiar logos or brands and bring them into the classroom next week. 

- please check all your child’s school uniform. After PE we had a number of items which were not named. This makes changing 31 children for PE really difficult and items are impossible to return to their owner. Please check every item of clothing is named clearly and any items which do not belong to your child are returned so we can try and return to the correct child. Many thanks. 


Have a lovely weekend 

Miss Leach

Congratulations to our 'Stars of the Day'


Aarna, Erin, Malachi and Wren




Congratulations to Ariana, who is in the 'Golden Book'




Skye the Parrot is visiting Charlie. Have a lovely weekend.