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Week Five

In Maths this week we finished our unit on converting measures and have begun a lengthy unit on Shape.  We are specifically focused on area and we looked at how we can use our times tables understanding to work out missing measurements.


In English the children have been writing what they imagine the next part of Boy in the Tower will be.  I have been some impressed with how all the children have been able to continue the tone of the novel.  The children have been thinking about the features of a suspense story and have been including them in their writing.  Now that we have finished the writing, we can finish reading the book which I know is what the children are all desperate to do!!


In History we have been looking at a variety of sources and thinking about what we can learn from them.  

In Science we planned and carried out three investigations separating materials, finding out what materials are soluble and how to test how hard materials were.  

History and Science