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Week 13 - 07/12/20

This week, Yellow Class have been learning about Hanukkah. We learned all about how the candles on the menorah burned for 8 days when it was thought they would only burn for 1! We talked about how Hanukkah is celebrated using a menorah and how dreidels are used to play a game. In English, Yellow Class then wrote some sentences about something they thought they couldn't do, but now they can, for example, riding a bike. This reminded us of when the candles on the menorah burned for 8 days instead of 1. We also then talked about what light represents in different celebrations, for example the candles on an advent wreath or the diyas in Diwali.


In phonics this week, we have been recapping some sounds we have already been introduced to. We looked at all of the ways we can write the 'igh' sound (igh, ie, i-e, y) and we have recapped our phase 3 sounds as well.


In maths, we have begun to look at numbers greater than 10 and how we can split this into tens and ones. We showed this on a tens frame and using base ten. 


Yellow Class have also done some Christmas activities this week. We have been practicing our Christmas performance which will be filmed next week. They have also made their own candle holders out of salt dough that will be painted next week.


Have a lovely weekend.