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Week 3 w/c 4.5.21

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • We looked at the different types of sentences we could use in our writing; commands, statements, questions and exclamations. We practised writing examples of each.
  • We enjoyed looking at photos of our lives and writing about what we were able to do at each age.
  • In Guided Reading, we have been starting to read ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and answer questions about what we have read.



  • We recapped on the symbols to show greater than and less than (< and >) and used them to order numbers.
  • We solved problems using dominoes and these symbols.



  • In science, we found out about the seven life processes using MRS NERG.
  • We also looked at the different stages of the human life cycle, from babies to the elderly.
  • We enjoyed singing Michael Rosen songs with Ms Caperon!
  • In PE on Friday, we used our numbers to play a variety of playground games.


Well done on a fantastic week Blue Class!


Next week we will be solving problems involving addition and subtraction, and writing explanation texts to explain the life cycle of a butterfly.