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Week 11: 23rd November 2020

With a change in the weather, we have started thinking about winter and Christmas. We made little snowmen this week, using our cutting skills to cut circles for the body and head and then decorating them. These will be displayed in our dining hall, where each class hangs decoration up, ready for Christmas. You will also find in your child’s school bag, a letter around the arrangements for this year’s Nativity performance. Please read through it and support your child if they have a line to learn. We only have 10 school days to get it ready! Another letter will follow with costume arrangements.


We continued looking at The Three Little Pigs this week and used this to aid our writing. We introduced the children to speech bubbles and they had a go at writing one for their chosen character from our story. We used our sounds to write ‘I will huff and puff’ and other key words from the story.


Our phonics this week was focussed on w, x and y and tricky word ‘into’. Please see the letter in your child’s school bag. We are seeing a huge amount of progress in all of the children when it comes to their confidence and ability around segmenting and blending for reading and writing. Thank you for your support with the reading tasks we send home. We know how much the children are enjoying ‘showing off’ what they have learnt in school and we really are seeing the impact of it.


We looked at the number 6 in our Maths lessons this week. Using all that we have learnt about the numbers 1 to 5 has really helped us find and show different ways of representing our number of the week. We talk about it being ‘5 and 1 more’ and that double 3 makes 6 too. We did some independent Maths tasks, sorting out all the pictures that show number 6 in to one group, and the other numbers in to a separate group. And of course another Numberblock episode was enjoyed by us all too. (we’re on series 2 now, episode 1 ‘Six’).


Have a lovely weekend all. We heard that lots of you are going to be putting up and decorating your trees this weekend, so enjoy if you are!


See you all on Monday!