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Link Governors

Link Governors 2021-22


Designated members of the Board have agreed to lead the Board’s work in each of the listed areas. The Board as a whole remains collectively responsible for each area but the named individuals advise and inform the Board of the Federation’s position, performance and progress in each area.


Subject Area School Leader Link Governor 
Health and Safety Mary Ann Cooper James Noble 
Design and Technology Hannah Ward Tony Breslin 
Science Chloe Leach Ian Freeman/Sarah Morgan 
Computing and Technology Charlotte Phillips Dan Hall 
English Sarah Williams Dr Phillip Hills 
Safeguarding and Child protection Mary Ann Cooper James Noble 
Humanities Michaela Koss (Geography) Chloe Neulaender (History) Stephanie Cubbin 
Creativity and Cultural Capital 

Sue Lowden (Art)

Lucy Caperon (Music)

Shelley Bleau (curriculum development) 

Stephanie Cubbin 
Mathematics David WinstonDan Hall 
Early Years Nicola Stevens Maureen Tilbury
Inclusion Jane Munroe, Sarah Smart & Ruth Ironside Tony Breslin & Helen Shirley 
Physical Education inc School Sports Grant Sarah Williams & Chloe Leach Gavin Brown
PSHE & Wellbeing Zoe McLaren Tony Breslin