Bushey Primary

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Week 1 - 12/04/21

Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holidays.


This week we started our Superheroes topic for the half term! We talked about what we thought a hero was by looking at superheroes and real life heroes such as doctors and firefighters. We talked about the things that made them a hero and Yellow class came up with some brilliant ideas about heroes being brave, strong and people who never give up. We looked at the real life superhero Captain Tom Moore and we discussed why he is a hero. We then read the book Supertato all about a potato superhero who tries to save the vegetables from the evil pea! Yellow class wrote some brilliant adjectives to describe Supertato and Evil Pea. Today we had a visit from Supertato himself who was trying to save the vegetables from the Evil Pea in the classroom! Yellow class had lots of fun thinking about what the vegetables might be saying. We have also designed our own veg superhero by thinking about what vegetable we might use and what materials we might use to make the arms, legs, cape and belt.


In maths this week we looked at problem solving and using our knowledge of part whole models to help us solve a problem. We then also looked at finding the difference between two numbers using cubes, drawings, tens frames and subtraction. 


This week in phonics we have been recapping all of the different ways to spell the 'ee' sound. We looked at ee, ea, e-e, e and y. We played bingo, we read real and alien words and Yellow class wrote lots of words and sentences using these sounds. 


Have a lovely weekend Yellow class!