Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1: 7th September 2020

Wow, what a fun first week we have had together in Green Class! It has been so lovely to meet all of the children and their families and get to know you all a little more. Thank you for all coming to the Stay Play sessions earlier this week. The children have all settled so well. What a positive start to their time with us at Bushey and Oxhey Infants!


This week has mostly been focussed on learning the routines of our new class, where things are and how to get around school, as well as getting to know each other. Today we had our first lunch and we had a great time! Lots of empty plates and the children were all excited to meet Cook Jo!


We have explored the outside area a lot over the last few days and are definitely making the most of the nice weather. We have been drawing pictures of our families and learning to recognise and write our own name. 


Next week will be much more of the same, starting our first day of full time on Wednesday!


We hope you have a lovely weekend. I'm sure your children will sleep well tonight - I definitely will! See you all bright and early on Monday (8.40am for everyone!).