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Week 5:3.02.20

This week in Lions class our learning has been very exciting. 



- We started by reading the story 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey.

- We then worked in groups of 4 to act out our favourite part of the story. 

- Next we wrote about our favourite part of the story and why we liked it. 

- Finally we wrote setting descriptions, using as many adjectives as possible to make our writing come to life!!



- We looked at doubling and halving. 

-We used the Cuisenaire rods to to help us with our doubling and halving. 

-We then found half of different amounts.

- Lastly we played ' Double Bingo' to practise finding doubles of an amount. 



- In Science we were given a mission to plan an investigation to find out which material will make a waterproof outfit for  Traction Man when he is on his adventures. We planned the investigation and wrote predictions about which material we think will be the best and why. 

- In Relax Kids we had our last session and focused on being brave superheroes. 

- In Art we started looking at Roy Litchenstein and Pop Art.  We tested to see which tools would help us to make the best 'Ben Day Pattern'. 

- On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Mr Chatfield come in to Year 1 to talk about being a fireman and a real life hero!!!!



-  aw (or) sound

- are (air) sound


Well done on another busy and exciting week Lions. Have a good weekend!!!!