Bushey Primary

Education Federation

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Federation SEN/Inclusion Policy

Behaviour Principles


Our children are proud of their learning and achievements. Their work is displayed in classrooms, in public places and, where possible, in the community. Achievements both within and outside of the school are recognised, valued and celebrated.


As governors, we have the highest expectations of behaviour.

These expectations are shared by all members of the school community and embodied in a focus on consistent practice, a curriculum that stimulates and engages and teaching strategies focused on the development of self-discipline and personal responsibility. We underpin these expectations with three key principles:


1) All members of the Bushey Primary Education Federation family have the right to be safe and feel safe at all times, and to enjoy and benefit from their time at school.

2) We welcome the ideas and contributions of all. We are tolerant, we listen and we seek to give voice, nurturing and showing respect for different points of view.

3) We celebrate great behaviour and encourage a positive attitude to learning and to the learning of others at all times. We champion this through our Golden Rules, our values and ethos, and by introducing children to, and modeling in our practice, the Rule of Law.


Appropriate behaviour is reinforced and praised and inappropriate behaviour is always challenged and discussed. Staff understand factors, which affect the motivation of children and young people, and take action to encourage an enthusiasm for learning and positive behaviour.