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Welcome to B4

Welcome to B4!


Mr Winston: 

I woke up and saw the light - after 25 years as a solicitor, I took the career change plunge and re-trained to become a primary school teacher! Now in my second year at Bushey Manor, it has transpired to be the fulfilling and rewarding career that I first surmised it would be - a privilege to educate the future generation both in curriculum terms and in the attitude of mind necessary to succeed.


I have two children, a son and daughter, both at now university, and treat my class children as an extension of my own, with an approach that is firm but fair, enabling them at all times to know where they stand, and always with a smile.


In my spare time, I am a black belt kickboxer and an avid cyclist, in the UK and in races abroad.


Mrs Wardell 

Hello, I’m Mrs Wardell and I am based in Year 4 this year.  I have worked at Bushey Manor since 2009 - so Year 4 children, work out how many years that has been!  I live locally with my family and have two children; a daughter who is 21 and at University and a son who is 17 and in Year 13. I also have a cat called Minnie who is a bit of a character; anyone who has been in my class will have heard about some of her exploits! 


As I’m a very keen gardener, I spend a lot of my time in my garden and love growing fruit and vegetables and any plant that attracts more insects and wildlife in.  This summer, with the help of my son, I have built a formal pond for fish and another smaller, more natural pond in the hope that frogs will move in and eat the slugs! My other hobbies include reading (I love mysteries, historical fiction and any story that will make me laugh) and for the past year I have been taking online French classes so much of my time is spent doing the mountains of homework my tutor has set me! 


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