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Week 3 - 18.01.21



Before we begin, I want to start by apologising for not writing about our learning for the last couple of weeks.


This week in Phonics we have learnt four new sounds, these were ‘ng’, ‘ai’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’. Since the beginning of the year, we have learnt so many sounds. Make sure to keep practising all of them with your children at home so that they don’t forget any of them! Do not forget if you want to watch any of Mrs Nowell's videos again, you can find them in the 'memos' for each day on Tapestry. You can also find Mr Thorne's videos on Youtube for each of the new sounds should you or your child wish to watch these (and see Geraldine the Giraffe again).


This week in Maths we have been very busy, we started the week learning about one more and one less, first, you did this for your numbers up to five and then the numbers to ten. 


We then explored nocturnal animals; these are the animals who are awake at nighttime, such as bats, owls and foxes. As well as diurnal animals who are awake during the day such as pigs, bees and humans. After reading Peace at last we realised there are things that we do at nighttime and things that we do during the day. 


The children at home and at school have been taking pictures of the events of their day. They then used these pictures to put them in the correct order. These discussions enabled the children to use time connective language such as first, second, finally, then, next, before and after. The children at school also began to question why the events are in that order and compared their day to someone else, was it the same? Why do you think it is different? etc. 


Finally, for maths this week the children have been exploring height and length. The children have learnt that 'height' is looking at how tall or short something and 'length' is how long or short something is. They have had fun comparing the heights and lengths of different objects around the class or around your homes and using the language to support their understanding. 


Continuing with our animal theme, on Thursday morning, we read the story Owl Babies. The children were then encouraged to be as creative as possible and create a piece or pieces of owl art. They had the freedom to use any materials or resources they had at home or school to make some amazing art and have fun!


On Friday, we challenged the children to write some speech bubbles to go with their owl art. The children had to consider what the owl or owls from the story might be saying and then write it in a speech bubble.


We want to say a massive well done to everyone; our Key Worker parents we thank you for everything you are doing. To all the parents at home who are juggling their jobs and home learning (sometimes for siblings too), you are doing great.  Plus a big well done to all the children we love seeing all of your fantastic learning each day on Tapestry and seeing all of your faces on our video calls.


Don't forget to check out the pictures to see all the learning we are doing at school too!


Miss Phillips, Miss Stevens, Mrs Dunne and Mrs, Forty :)