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Week 6 - 07.12.20

This week in Phonics we have been doing lots of recapping of all the sounds we have learnt. We have been practicing these by themselves as well as when reading. Not only have we been reading words but whole sentences and captions. The children are getting really good at their blending and are also developing their comprehension and understanding skills too! We also have been doing lots of writing. We have begun explaining to the children how we need to use finger spaces when we are writing so that we don’t have one really long word that we wouldn’t be able to read.


In maths this week we introduced the number… you guessed it eight! We have watched Numberblocks S2 e3 to support this learning. Numberblock eight is a superhero called Octoblock who can change how he looks which was very exciting. We then saw if we could think of our own ways to show the number eight using Multilink, we were trying to think of as many different ways as possible. 


On Tuesday afternoon, we took part in our Elf Run.Thank you to everyone who sponsored their child’s. Everyone was given an elf hat, myself and Mrs Dunne included, and we went and ran around the big playground. We also had a road safety session, we did this over Microsoft Teams. The children listened to a story and then answered some questions about how to stay safe both when inside a car as well as when they are on the streets with their grown ups. 


The elves visited our classroom on Monday evening and made our role play area into Father Christmas’ Workshop. The children have been having a great time wrapping up presents, writing labels, putting them in Father Christmas’ sack and delivering them to everyone in the class!!!!! We also had a hot chocolate stand where the children could make delicious hot chocolates with marshmallows and candy canes and even serve them with a yummy gingerbread man. We have been writing our christmas list this week ready to be sent to the North Pole, first class of course!


This week in our Advent calendar the lucky children were:

Monday: Molly and Lara

Tuesday: Ella and Erion

Wednesday: Paulius and Arthur

Thursday: Neena and Abbie

Friday: Eddie and Alice


Have a lovely weekend!!!! See you all on Monday!