Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 5: 30th September

This week we have been looking at the story 'You Choose'. We have been developing our sentences by adding in descriptive words and the word because. The children have been describing different types of shoes, thinking about what job they would like when they are older as well as other pages of their choosing. They have been busy drawing and thinking about initial sounds based on their choices. 


We have been painting our self-portraits this week. The children have been talking about their skin, eye and hair colour and thinking about the shapes they need to use. The children have loved looking closely in a mirror to paint their own. They have then enjoyed trying to guess which portrait belongs to which child. 


Thank you to everyone who brought in familiar print. The children enjoyed turning them into a poster to be displayed. This is the beginnings of reading for many children and they have enjoyed reading all the different words using the logos and fonts for support. 


In Music Miss Caperon started to teach the children the Harvest songs ready for our assembly in a couple of weeks. They are learning parts of the whole school songs as well as singing their own class song. They did very well learning some tricky words and rhythms. 


This week the children received their first reading book. Please read the accompanying letter carefully as it provides ideas to support your child with their reading. This book must be in their bookbag every day as Mrs Forty and I will be reading with the children throughout the week. Unfortunately, due to a course on Friday we are unable to change the books this day. Next week the book changing days will be Tuesday and Friday. Both the book and the reading record should be put in the box together if your child is ready for it to be changed. The reading record book must be signed so we know you are ready for the book to be changed. 


Next week we will be starting a key person system in the class. Both myself and Mrs Forty will have half the class for two weeks. We will be working with this half of the class on all focus tasks as well as working on their next steps. The children have been introduced to this and will know which adult is their key person for that week. It will be displayed in the classroom so as parents you will know too (we are beginning the first of the next two week cycle on Monday). The children are split alphabetically by first name. Although these are focus children we will still be supporting and working with all children throughout the week.


A very busy week! Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach