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Week 4: 23rd September 2019

This week in Toucan Class we learned all about toucans. We began by reading the story Two Can Toucan by David McKee, which is a story about how the toucan got its name. We thought of things we would like to find out and researched these questions online. We saw how toucans can hop and listened to the sound they make. Some children had researched facts about toucans and shared them with the class.


We made our own toucans at the creative table. We carefully followed instructions on how to attach the parts together and then chose the colours we wanted to paint our toucans. We then painted our own pictures of toucans.


On Thursday we had a very special delivery. A toucan came all the way for South America to our classroom when it heard that we are called Toucan Class. It has asked if it can stay with us this year and we are very excited to have him. The children thought carefully about a name for the toucan and have decided on Ted. Ted will remain in the classroom during the week and will go home with one child each weekend throughout the year.


We had Feeling Good Day at school on Tuesday. We learned that there are 5 ways to wellbeing; connect, be active, give, take notice and keep learning. We talked about things that we do that make us feel happy, and then drew a picture of this. We played games to help us to get to know everyone in our class. We learned facts about toucans. We also did some exercise in the classroom. This is something we will keep in mind throughout the year.


Lots of children have brought in wow moments to share with the class. It has been lovely to hear all of the fantastic things the children are learning to do outside of school. Wow moment certificates are always available inside the classroom door, so please feel free to take some when needed. We also have a class email address which photos can be sent to. It’s


This weekend we would like the children to find some familiar print to bring to school. This could be a name on a cereal box, a Tesco sign in the newspaper or a familiar logo. Please cut these out and bring them in on Monday, as we would like to make a display of these in the classroom.


Next week we will base our learning around the ‘You Choose’ series of books. If your child has a ‘You Choose’ book at home they can bring it in next week to share with the class.


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class.