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Week 3: 8.03.2021

This week has been National Science Week and so Red class have been busy investigating and carrying out experiments.


  • We looked at different inspirational scientists and the different discoveries they had made.
  • In English, we used the book ‘Clean Up!’ to write letters telling people why it is important to stop plastic getting into the ocean. We also ordered the events of the story and wrote sentences to describe each part.
  • We made our own rockets and planned and tested how we could make our rockets fly further. We added or took away fins, threw in different ways and changed the weight of our rockets!
  • We made boats using two materials; foil and paper. We designed our own questions that we wanted to test and predicted what we thought might happen. We then tested our predictions and thought about the reasons why some boats float and some sink.
  • We designed our own inventions to help stop eliminate the problem of plastic in the ocean.
  • We have recapped the four main operations in maths; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • In music, we sand songs about rockets and the invention of the aeroplane.


WOW what a busy first week back we have had!!! I am sure you are all very tired and deserve a restful weekend! I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!