Bushey Primary

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Week 3: 16.9.19

In Lion Class this week we have been learning:



  • We focused on the fairytale  ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’
  • We sequenced the events of the story and described the beginning, middle and end.
  • We drew story maps to show what happened in the story and discussed what our favourite part was.
  • We thought about which character from the story we would be and wrote sentences using thw word 'because' to explain why we would want to be that character. 



  • We started to look at number and subitising.
  • We looked at different dice patterns and how we knew what each pattern represented.
  • We described the similarities and differences between different amounts of objects.
  • We drew different ways to make a variety of numbers.
  • We used tens frames to show a number of different ways we can represent a number.
  • We then had to explain how we knew the tens frames represented the number



  • We were lucky enough to visit our school allotment on Wednesday, where we planted bulbs and looked at the progress of the planting we had carried out last year.
  • We labelled the different parts of a plant.
  • We practised our throwing and catching skills.
  • We created art based around Jack and the Beanstalk using photos of ourselves as inspiration!



  • Recap 'igh' (fly high)
  • Recap ow (blow the snow)