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Week 13: 7th December 2020

What a busy week!


The children have been working hard putting together their Christmas Celebration ready for filming next week. If you have not brought in a jumper please do on Monday!! It can be a christmassy or non christmassy jumper!! 


In English we have been busy looking at the festival of Hanukkah. The children thought about the story and learnt about important aspects of the festival. Thank you to Lily for bringing in a dreidel for each member of the class and a special book to tell us more about the festival.


In Maths we have been thinking about place value. We have been looking at numbers above 10 and thinking about what the '1' means. We have been using base ten to show the tens and ones which can help us with our adding and taking away in the future. We have also been continuing working on knowing our number bonds to 10 and counting in 5s. These are skills you could practise with your child in the car or on the walk to school. 


On Thursday we enjoyed running outside to complete our Elf Run. I had so much fun running with the class as I missed the elf run last year. The children had to complete 10 laps of half the playground. We talked about counting accurately as that was part of the challenge and would we feel good about ourselves if we did not challenge ourselves to complete the 10. It was lovely to see the positive mindset that the children had and the celebrations of completing the distance. 


Have a lovely weekend - 1 more week to go!


Miss Leach