Bushey Primary

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Week 5: 22.03.2021

This week we have been learning about: 



- We have learnt about the Easter story and why it is celebrated by Christians.

-We have been looking at leaders and what makes a good leader. 

-We have looked at the role of a priest or vicar and written questions we would ask them. 

-Lastly we have looked at the Jewish festival of Passover. We looked at the Seder dinner and the Seder plate. 




-We have started our new topic of plants. We have started by looking at the foods that grow on different parts of a plant. 


-We have been recapping shapes and their properties. 

- We then looked at symmetry and how to find symmetrical shapes. 

-Lastly we looked at orientation of shapes.



-We have learnt how to use commas when separating items in a list.


We finished off our busy week with lots of craft making Easter cards, Easter baskets and going on a Easter Egg Hunt. 


Well done on a fabulous term Red class with both your learning at home and your learning back at school. You have all settled quickly back in the routine of school and I couldn't be more proud!! 


Have a lovely Easter and a well deserved break, ready for lots of learning and fun when we return for the Summer!