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Week 2 w/c 19.4.21

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • We practised using apostrophes (singular possessive) in sentences and in our writing.
  • We started looking at the author and poet Michael Rosen.
  • We enjoyed listening to and reciting some of his most famous poems.
  • We wrote biographies about his life and used sub headings to order our information.
  • We wrote instructions for how to make chocolate cake.



  • We continued to learn about time.
  • We practised using o clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.
  • We practised our five times table to help us tell the time in five minute intervals.
  • We used ‘past’ and ‘to’ to tell the time to the nearest five minutes.



  • We found out about the history of chocolate, and how it was brought to Europe and made into the chocolate we know today.
  • We made our own posters, imagining that we were the creators of the world’s first chocolate bar!
  • We made Michael Rosen’s chocolate cake (otherwise known as chocolate cornflake cakes!)
  • In science, we looked at what a plant needs to have to be able to grow,


Well done on a brilliant week Blue Class!


Next week we will solving problems involving time and continuing to use the work of Michael Rosen to inspire our own poetry writing.