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Week 9: W/E 13th November

Wow! What a very busy week we’ve had. It was lovely to see/speak to so many parents at our virtual Parent Evenings.


An amazing event occurred this week. On Tuesday morning, Mrs Rook appeared at the classroom door to let us know that she had made an amazing discovery. Whilst checking on the Woodland Walk, she found a dragon egg and some scales!! Well, we couldn’t let this pass without investigating so we went into the woodland to have a look. It was amazing!

Dragon Egg!

In Maths this week, we have been working on mental fluency in subtraction. This unit gives us opportunity to try out a range of mental maths skills so that we have a range to choose from when carrying out calculations. We found out that subtraction is not commutative and created fact families.


For English, we started a recount unit of work, focusing on newspaper reports. We investigated the features, found out how to summarise ideas and looked at how to include details to interest the reader. We used our dragon egg discovery as the focus for our work and will be writing a newspaper report about this amazing event.


With Remembrance Day being on Wednesday, and not being able to all meet together in the hall, we all worked to make a poppy. They were all collected together and hung on our Remembrance Tree. At 11.00 a.m., we took part in the 2 minute silence, showing great respect.

For our Outdoor Learning session this week, we went on a leaf hunt. We took them back to the classroom and were shown how to lay them out so they could be pressed. This process drives all the moisture out and preserves the leaves. They can then be used for other activities or just stuck in a book.


On Friday, we had the excitement of Children in Need. We came to school in our pyjamas and loungewear. We couldn’t hold our usual parade but we all admired what we were wearing. We started the day by joining in with the end of Joe Wicks’ 24-hour PE Challenge. It was all a bit mad and hot!