Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1: 7.09.2020

WELCOME BACK Red class and well done on such a wonderful first week back. I am so impressed with how well you have all settled and so proud of how hard you have worked. 


This weeks learning has been based on the story 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers: 



- We started the week off by sharing our summer holiday news. 

- We planned and wrote a draft for an informational guide about planet earth with all our recommendations of where to go and what to see. 

- We then had a go at editing our writing, making sure we have all those elements to make it an AWESOME piece of writing.

- Finally we wrote up our informational guide in neat. 



- We started by reminding ourselves about position of numbers on a number line. 

- Next we used our number skills to find out how many different ways we can make a number. 

- We reminded ourselves of how to use our tens and ones. 

- Finally we looked at how we can use tens and ones to partition numbers.



-In Phonics we reviewed the sounds ay,ee,igh,ow,oo, oo, ar,or,air,ir, ou, oy.



-In Science this week we thought about all the things we can do to save and protect planet earth. 

- We designed a poster to share with others about what they can do. 



- In Art this week we have been studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy as he was an environmentalist who was keen on protecting the environment. 

- He created his own pictures using natural materials. 

- Red class had a go at using the natural materials to create their own picture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


Well done on a fantastic first week back!!! Have a good rest and I look forward to seeing you all next week.