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Week 4: 28th September 2020

This week we have continuing our Jolly Postman topic by looking at one of the characters he visits. This week it was the Witch from the story Hansel and Gretel. 


In English we listened to the story and talked about the characters. We learnt about writing lists and made two lists over the week one about the food we would use for our own Gingerbread House and another to describe the witch. We then used these lists to draw our Gingerbread House and create a Wanted! poster for the witch who had escaped the fire stove and was running around the Fairytale Forest. 


In Phonics we have been learning different ways of writing the same sound oo = ue and we learnt the diagraph nk. 

We also practised reading multi-syllabic words by breaking them up into syllables in order to make it easier to read. 


In Maths we have been looking at more and fewer. We created our own representations of a number and then used them to find other children who had a number which was more or less. We also looked at learning what is one more or one less than a number.


In Science we had our senses investigation activity. The children took part in different activities which used one sense. These were a crisp investigation, smelly pots, feely bags, sound clips and an I spy sheet. The children loved taking part in each activity and it was very interesting to see which activity the children found the easiest and which they found hardest.


In topic we used the wonderful photos you all sent in (thank you so much) to start thinking about what history meant as well as a timeline. The children created their own timelines thinking about their own history. Children talked about which photos they may remember being taken and which ones they didn't. When they had finished we walked around to look at our friends photos (which was definitely a highlight). The children were so engaged in this activity and loved having the photos to help them understand their history. This will begin our timeline which will be up in the classroom and will show date and events from all different areas of our learning. 


In our PHSE Jigsaw lesson we talked about being proud of something we have done. Each child received a certificate about why Mrs Bright and I were proud of them. After each child having their 'moment' to receive the certificate we talked about how we felt when we got our certificate and how we felt when our friends got their certificate. The words shared were "happy", "excited", "proud" and "special". 


In PE we looked at the skills of throwing and compared throwing over arm and under arm. We also practised throwing with accuracy with each of these types of throws.  


I am so proud of my grown up 'Parrots' and how they have transitioned from Reception to Year 1 in such difficult times. They have been so positive in all the work they have done and are simply fabulous. I am one lucky teacher. 


Have a lovely weekend (sorry this is late, I didn't press save)


Miss Leach