Bushey Primary

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Week 11 - 23/11/20

This week, we have been writing our own poems. We talked about what poetry is and we then read a poem about a mouse and performed it with actions in groups to the rest of the class. The poem was about a mouse feeling scared of cats and people and then feeling happy because he found some cheese and crumbs. Throughout the week, we have thought about adjectives to describe feeling scared and feeling happy to write our own poems about another animal e.g. a squirrel. Yellow Class came up with some fantastic ideas and produced some wonderful poems!


In phonics, we have recapped the 'igh' sound and learnt the split digraph 'i-e'. We have also talked about 'are' in words such as 'scare' or 'rare' and how it sounds the same as 'air'. We recapped the spelling of some tricky words including 'said', 'they', 'by' and 'are'.


In maths, we have been learning about the words 'equivalent' and 'equals' and discussing what this means when writing addition sentences. We used scales to balance numbers and we worked out different ways of making the same number to make sure it was balanced on both sides. We have been using tens frames, cubes and numicon to help us. 


This week in science, we have talked about the types of animals we can have as pets. We discussed how we can look after them and the types of things they might eat. 


In topic we have learnt about birthdays around the world and the things people in different countries do to celebrate their birthday. We found out lots of interesting facts! We also learnt about the first Thanksgiving, how this began and how people celebrate Thanksgiving today. 


Have a great weekend!