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Week 9: 9th March 2020

Due to the fact that our trip to the fire station  didn't happen last Friday, we have decided to postpone our People Who Help Us topic until the summer term.


Last week the children were quite interested in story writing and this interest has continued this week. The children have been writing some familiar stories and also making up some of their own. They are using their phonic knowledge to sound out these words and are beginning to write full sentences independently.


In maths we learned about doubling this week. We used Numicon to work out doubles up to 10. We then recorded our work using pictures or number sentences. The children are beginning to remember these double facts without needing to count each time.


In Relax Kids this week we talked about the fact that sometimes we can feel angry. We discussed how we feel when we are angry and learned some strategies to deal with this. The children are really enjoying these sessions, and as well as our PSHE lessons, the children love the fact that they can share their thoughts and feelings in these safe spaces.


We continued with dance in PE this week. We revised the under the sea dance moves that we learned last week. Then we looked at the topic of weather this week and how we could represent various types of weather through dance.


On Friday we had our Sports Relief Day at school. The children came to school dressed in sporty clothes and we took part in various activities during the day. We designed our own football kits, thinking about the type of clothes and materials that would be best to wear when playing sport. We ran the Daily Mile again today, and this time we ran it with Year 2. We also had a mini skipathon. We learned how to skip using skipping ropes, and practised this before timing ourselves for two minutes and counting the number of skips we could do.


We hope to welcome all of the children back to school next week. Have a restful weekend Toucan Class.