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Week 11: 18th November 2019

What an exciting week we have had in Toucan Class!


On Monday, when we were returning to our classroom after doing our Daily Mile, we noticed some footprints in our outdoor area. On further investigation we discovered an egg in the bushes! We carefully brought the egg inside and began to think about who or what could have laid it there. We looked at which animals lay eggs and considered which of these could have laid an egg outside. Eventually we decided that it must be a dinosaur egg.


The children helped to make a nest for our dinosaur egg, suggesting somewhere warm and adding straw. We thought it would be a good idea to make signs asking people to be careful around the egg.


We looked at lots of pictures of dinosaurs and decided to paint the dinosaur we thought might be inside our egg. We focused on using our observational skills to paint the pictures, looking closely at the dinosaurs before we painted them.


In maths this week we focused on adding. We had a hungry dinosaur in our classroom who needed to be fed. He ate some red biscuits and some yellow biscuits and we added them together to find the total. We have begun to use a part whole model to record what we have done.


In phonics this week we learned the sounds ‘u’, ‘r’ and ‘h’ and these have been added to their sound tags. We also held a phonics workshop for parents on Wednesday afternoon. This powerpoint is available on our class page, and it contains lots of ideas on how to work with your child at home.  


Last week we introduced Daily Mile in Toucan Class and this week we have continued with this. Each morning, before we begin our learning, we go to the playground and aim to run or walk a mile. There are so many benefits to this for the children which include improved fitness and concentration. We then come back to the classroom ready to learn. 


Just a gentle reminder to please bring in your child’s costume for our Nativity. Please let us know if you are having any problems in sourcing these.


We monitored the egg all week, looking for changes in it. When we arrived back into the classroom on Friday afternoon we discovered that the egg had hatched and a baby T-rex had come out. We decided we will keep it in our classroom and look after it.


We shared the facts we knew about dinosaurs and read fact books to learn lots of new facts about them. We will continue to learn even more about them next week. If your child has any fiction or non-fiction book about dinosaurs they can bring it in to share with us next week.


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class.