Bushey Primary

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Week 3: 20th January 2020

What a lovely week!


We have been continuing our topic on space this week and looking more at the planets. It was lovely to have some planet experts in the class as well as from Toucans to help us learn about each of them.


The children have enjoyed writing a retell of the story Whatever Next! They are using all the key prompts to help them write a wow sentence or words which is really improving their writing. 


In Maths we have been learning how to subtract. We have been solving the problems practically and enjoying using the space rocks to find the answers. We will be continuing this next week.


On Monday we had a road safety workshop and learnt how to stay safe on the roads. The children listened brilliantly and were excited to make posters to share their learning. On Wednesday they led an assembly to Year 1 to share what they had learnt and their posters. 


In Phonics we have learnt ch, sh, th and ng and they are now on their soundtags. Sound tags are now complete and can be left at home. Children should have a phase three sheet in their bookbags today and this will have some extra sounds on them which we will be learning next week. Please be careful with these sounds as some are two sounds written the same way, e.g. ow as in cow not ow as in snow. (This video will model the sounds and pronunciation. 


Next week is art week and we have lots of creative activities planned which should be great fun. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach