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Week 7: 24.05.21

It started off with some miserable rainy weather but what a lovely, sunny day we have had today, just in time for the bank holiday weekend and half-term.


On Monday we came to school and had some very exciting news! In addition to the three butterflies from Friday we had six more! Totaling at 9 out of our ten butterflies! We decided to let them go on Monday afternoon so that they could fly around and start the life-cycle again. We waited very patiently for a break in the rain and a little bit of sunshine before we scooped them out very carefully and watched them fly away. Some of the children then asked to do some writing about this which of course myself and Mrs Dunne thought was a great idea. Our last butterfly has not come out of its net yet so we decided as a class to put it outside so it can naturally fly away when it is ready.


Some of our beans have begun to grow and sprout this week too, which the children were very excited about. Thank-you to Alice and her family for giving us the beans from their allotment for us to plant. As no one will be able to give them water over the half-term the children are bringing them home today and we have decided that during the last seven weeks of school after the holidays we will plant some more ‘class beans’ and watch them as they grow. 


In Phonics this week we have continued our recapping, we have also been looking at ‘adjacent consonants’ in words. These are when there are two consonant sounds in our words that are next to each other. We discussed how they happen a lot but we have to be careful because sometimes they squish together and sound like a different sound. Some examples of these are ‘sw’ in (swift, swimming), ‘gr’ (grow, grand)’, ‘st’ (lost, stop). We talked about how they can come at anypoint in our words, sometimes even hiding in the middle, and how sometimes there are even more than one set in a word (stand - st and nd).


In maths this week we have been continuing to understand the teen numbers. We have been using Numicon and Tens frames to show this and continuing to look at how it is a ‘ten and some more’. We also started trying to write the number sentences for example 10+4=14. The children have been trying really hard to grasp this tricky concept.


Enjoy the weather and your week off, see you soon.