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Week 12: 30th November 2020

Christmas has well and truly begun here in Green Class!


You might have heard that we have been having a visit from a little elf called ‘Beany’ every evening. He’s a very busy elf so he doesn’t stay for long, but he pops in every day to see what we’re up to, and then when we’ve all gone home he leaves us letters and messages, treats for the children he spots working hard and sometimes even jobs for us to do the next day. We have been writing messages back to him and even making him some lovely presents in the junk modelling area. He is a very lucky elf!

This week, as well as starting our rehearsals for The Nativity (and a great one it is too!), we have also been learning all about the story of the nativity and the birth of Jesus. We have got a lovely stable scene set up in the classroom and the children have been using the figurines to retell the events of that special time.


We learnt about Advent too and why this is a special time in the run up to Christmas for Christian families. We made Advent wreaths using our handprints and added cut out candles to it. Then we thought about what ‘peace’ means to us and the people and things that we love. Next week will be writing about things that make us joyful and things we are hopeful for.


And the children helped to decorate the classroom with their own paper chains and Christmas inspired drawings. Next week is card making, wrapping paper designing and list writing.


Number 7 has been our focus number in Maths. We thought about ways to represent it and had a big push on number bonds. The children are really starting to understand these and how to work them out. We talk about number bonds as two small numbers that you add together to make a bigger number. Beany left us a job to do in class on Thursday using our number bond knowledge and we all managed to have a go at it independently and successfully. Beany was extremely proud of all the children. And so was I!


Have a lovely weekend all - keep warm and safe!