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Welcome to B3

B3 are a lively group, consisting of 13 girls and 17 boys. We are kind, caring and responsible children who are developing our learning skills. We enjoy making each other smile and we are looking forward to working hard and trying our best to challenge ourselves. We have lots of similarities but we also recognise and appreciate our differences. We are looking forward to getting rewards for our great learning and hard work! We are very excited to be in Year 3 and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!


If you have any queries or questions, don't hesitate to come and see our class teachers, Mrs Lowden and Mrs Wheeler (Wednesday), or our teaching assistant, Mrs Law.


Please check our Year 3 and Class Page every week to find out what we have been doing, via Twitter, and to see a few extra photographs of our activities and achievements. You can also discover lots of useful information about daily life in Year 3 and resources to help with learning.


If needed, please contact Mrs Lowden on our class email:

What have we been up to this week?