Bushey Primary

Education Federation

Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Weekly Expectations

Children will be provided with a Home Learning Book in which to complete/stick their homework. This should be returned to school on a Wednesday and will be sent home on Friday. They will also have two books from the publishers CGP; one Maths, the other Reading Comprehension. These may also be used to complete homework tasks.

Please check through your child’s homework with them. Both CGP books have the answers at the back.


Every week, both an English and Maths task will be set on a Friday and must be completed, and returned, by Wednesday. Where necessary, please let us know if you need a hard copy of any activity sheets and we will send them home with your child.

Some activities are differentiated and there will be a choice of which task to choose. The expectation is that children  spend approximately 30 minutes each on their English and Maths homework. If they have fully concentrated for thirty minutes and are still not finished, then it's okay to stop

Where answers are provided, we would appreciate parental support in checking and marking work.


Each half term there will also be an optional Home Learning Grid, consisting of a variety of research and creative projects