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Week 9 - 09/11/20

This week, Yellow Class wrote letters to Purple Class telling them all about their favourite fairy tale and what they have enjoyed about Year 1 so far. We then put them into envelopes, put a stamp on them and on Wednesday, we walked down to the post box to post the letters! It was very exciting posting them and talking about where the letters go next! We have also been focusing on using capital letters and full stops this week and Yellow Class were fantastic at telling everyone where they should go in the sentence. 


In phonics we have been focusing on the 'oo' sounds (oo, ue, u-e and ew) as well as a new 'ee' sound (ie). We have also practiced some of our tricky words including was, were and are.


In maths this week, we have been learning about how to use bar models to help with addition and subtraction. We linked this to when we used part whole models and Yellow Class were fantastic!


In science, we continued to learn about animals. We applied what we have learnt so far to sort the animals into a Carroll diagram. We then wrote sentences about a chosen animal to explain what animal group they belong to and what their diet is like. 


This week in RE, we have been talking about how we celebrate events and celebrations throughout the year. We talked about Diwali, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Halloween and lots more! We drew pictures to show how we celebrate these. 


We have started guided reading this week and Yellow Class are doing really well. We have been doing a carousel of activities to practice our reading comprehension and reading skills. 


Today, we all came in dressed in lockdown loungewear for Children in Need! This afternoon, we wrote something kind to someone else in the class and we did some Children in Need activities. 


Have a lovely weekend!