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Week 2: W/E 18th September

This week, B3 have continued settling in and are getting used to life at Bushey Manor.


In English, we have been carrying on with our work linked to the book 'Here We Are'. We looked at a video clip of how many environments improved during lockdown and designed posters to encourage people to continue protecting the environment. We have also read and heard the poem 'New Moon' by Kate Wakeling. We annotated a copy of it with the features and our thoughts about it. 


Next week, we will be writing our own poem, modelled on 'New Moon'.


Our Maths has been all about developing our Place Value skills. We have used a variety of resources to represent numbers and then used Dienes to show the different ways that a number can be regrouped.

Next week, we will work on regrouping and counting on and back.


For Art, we used graded pencils to show how textures can be created and, also, took part in a watercolour skills session. We will use these skills next week linked to our English lessons.

In R.E., we study Christianity and Islam. We talked about what we already knew and wrote questions about what we want to find out. 


On Thursday, we had our first Outdoor Learning session where we worked with a partner to take part in a photographic scavenger hunt. We had a list of natural items to find and take a photograph of. We explored two areas of our school grounds: the Woodland and the Wildlife Garden. It was great fun and we discovered all kinds of things!

OL groups and tree-hugging in the Wildlife Garden

Selfies before starting our OL adventure!!