Bushey Primary

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Pupil Leadership

The children are front and centre to all that we do in school and their views and opinions are vital in the running and decision making of the school. We have four pupil leadership groups: 


The School Council - these children are the voice of their class. They are responsible for identifying the strengths and areas for improvement for all children in the school. They have termly meetings with the school leadership team, where they play a vital role in representing the children of their class and communicating with the leadership team. 

House Captains - Each child in our school belongs to a house team; Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The house captains are made up of our Year 6 children. They represent their houses across the whole school. They are role models to the other members of the house, they lead and organise social and competitive events, including Sports Day and leading assemblies.

School Council Assembly - Visit To Parliament Sept 2023

Environment Monitors - This team has a very important of caring for our school environment. They will work closely with Mrs Lowden and Mrs Rook to develop our outdoor learning provision. They will support Mr O'Leary in ensuring the environment is clear, clean and tidy which will include clearing the recycling weekly.  They will also support with Travel Initiatives and the travel plan, ensuring our school and our children are as safe and as green as they they possibly can be. 


Reading Monitors - These children LOVE reading, which is why they applied for the positions. They have a very important job of driving forward our collective love of reading across the school. They are responsible for ensuring our library space is comfortable, promotes reading and is stocked with the latest greatest titles. They ensure the shelves are filled and ready for the children. They work very closely with Miss Williams to ensure children are enjoying reading. 


School Council Assembly - September 2023