Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1 and 2: 4th and 9th September

Welcome to Parrot class. It has been a busy but enjoyable week and a half. The children have learnt so much about being at school so I imagine they will be very tired this weekend.


The first three days we spent getting to know new friends and learning about our environment. We were learning to keep it tidy and a nice room to learn in. We looked round Toucans class and outside. On Friday we had a trip up to the lunch hall to see where we would be eating lunch and meet the very popular Jo the Cook. She had even made us a special biscuit to take back to the classroom. We were very excited to go up and eat lunch on Monday.


The first full week was busy with the days becoming longer. We started to share our All About Me boxes with small groups of friends. It has been brilliant to find out what our friends like and we found that some children were dinosaur experts, some were dancers, some were gymnasts and some were artists. We found out about people in their families and enjoyed looking closely at the photographs. Some of the siblings we recognised from the playground at lunch time.


The children have especially enjoyed turn taking games, puzzles, creative activities and construction. We have seen some skyscrapers being built already.


The children have been practising writing their names this week to go into their special books. Their ‘Learning Journals’ are being constructed and will show all their learning over the year. Writing their name is something that can easily be practised at home by signing cards, letters or naming work.


We also had our first PE lessons. The children had to get changed into their PE kits. They demonstrated not only their independence but also resilience. They also had to make sure they were organised to make sure nothing was lost. I must say they did very well for their first week. In PE the children practised moving around with an invisable bubble round them and they had to make sure they didn’t get too close to anyone or their bubble would burst. They then practised passing the ball by throwing, rolling and bouncing it to a partner.

Please don’t forget that next week we have our Meet the Teacher sessions. Reception’s session is on Tuesday 17th at 2:30 or 5:30. This is a very informative sessions about what Reception will look like for your child and things that you can do to help.


Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday

Miss Leach