Bushey Primary

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Week 11

Learning this week has been varied and plentiful!


In D and T we have used our patience, cutting and sewing skills to create our Christmas hoops.  We created snow men and these will be sent home at the end of term to adorn your trees for many years to come!


In Maths we have been working on both mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction.


In English, we wrote, edited and published our biographies.  Our main learning from this was the importance of doing detailed, thorough research and we all agreed that that made the difference between being able to write a quality biography and struggling to know what to say next!  We will bind all of our published work together to create another M5 book so that we will have a lovely record of work in the hope that we can share it with you soon.


In Science we continued our learning about forces and explored the idea of balanced and unbalanced forces and the how that influences motion.


In Art, the children used clay to sculpt their sketches into 3D tiles like the Parthenon Marble friezes.  Thank you to Miss Hurt for guiding the children through this!


We have continued to read Who Let the Gods Out and next week will begin or writing unit on it.  Thank you to those parents who have donated copies of the books to the school.  It means that the book can be enjoyed by this year group and many more inn years to come.