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Prospective Parents

Dear Prospective Parent,


Thank you for looking at our website and clicking on this page.  We are delighted that you are exploring our school as a possible destination for your child.


In more usual times, we hold talks and tours in order to support you in making this important decision in the life of your child.   We were hopeful that this year (Autumn 2021), we might be able to resume this model of information sharing, but it looks increasingly unlikely.


In the first half term of this year, we had an official outbreak of Covid-19 within our junior school and several members of staff, as well as children and families have been affected by the virus in this first term. 


Recent advice from Hertfordshire has urged caution in the way visitors are invited into the school and we have reached the conclusion that it is sensible to exercise due diligence at this time, particularly in the way we manage access to the school site.  Although we are all learning to adapt and live with this virus, we still seek to ensure that we mitigate the risk to our children and families, at all times they are in our care. 


Unfortunately, this all coincides with the timescale available to you in order to research, review and make decisions regarding a school place for your child.


We have uploaded a link to a presentation/talk we put together last academic year to help you get a feel for who we are as a school and what we seek to offer our children, families and community.


The best source of evidence for your decision making is the school website, particularly our class pages and twitter feed, which seek to capture some of what is happening within school to share with our wider community.


Twitter: @BPEFschools


If the situation changes throughout the rest of this Autumn Term, and we have a renewed confidence about bringing people together on the school site for some in person information sharing, we will let you know, via this page. 


Hopefully the information in this link can answer some of your more immediate questions. Do email our account if you have more specific questions or queries that you think we might be able to assist with and we will endeavour to do so for you.


Best wishes with your decision making - of course I hope you choose us!


Mary Ann Cooper

Federation Headteacher 

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