Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 4

The children have had another great week of learning! In Maths, the children moved on from negative numbers and started the decimal numbers unit. To begin with, the children completed mind maps where they had the opportunity to show what they already know about decimals. Then they looked making compliments to 1. They were challenged to use a systematic approach to finding as many compliments to 1 as possible. 

In English this week, the children completed the poetry unit and moved on to explanation texts. To start with, the children watched a short video clip about the rainforest. They then began to write a paragraph to describe how they would feel if they were stranded in the rainforest alone. For this task, the children needed to use modal verbs (should, would could). 

In Science, we continued learning about Earth and Space. The children used planetary fact cards to find out information about the planets. After this, they looked at a variety of fruit and discussed which pieces of fruit could represent each planet in a scaled model of the solar system. We then took both classes outside to create the model using toilet roll to represent the distance between planets. Each square of toilet roll represented 16 million kilometers! 

The children were extremely engaged in History this week. They revised some Greek Myths which we had previously read in Guided Reading. They then used a range of sources and discussed if and what truth could be behind each myth. In small groups, the children became 'myth busters' and began to write a radio presentation to discuss their findings and opinions.