Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1: 12.04.21

Welcome back Orange class!


This week has been a busy week for all the children. They have had to try and remember all the expectations of the classroom after being off for two weeks. So, well done everyone for settling back in so well.


This week in Phonics we have been recapping all of our sounds that we learn before the Easter Holidays. These were: ur, or, oi, ow, air and ear. We have also been constantly using out tricky words when reading and writing sentences. 


Throughout the week the children have been independently doing some writing about what they did during their two weeks off. Myself and Mrs Dunne were so impressed with how the children came over and carried out the task all by themselves. The children thought about the sentence they wanted to write, counted the amount of words in the sentence and then began writing. Some of the children even went to find sound mats and look at the tricky word wall (without being prompted) to support them with this independent activity.


In Maths this week we have been exploring the seasons and specifically looking at Spring and some of the changes it will bring. We also began learning about the months of the year today, we will continue this learning into next week too.


We have been looking at what it means to be healthy and how we can show this in the foods we eat. We learnt how the food we eat needs to be varied and we need to have choices, this is so that we have a balanced diet. At the beginning of the week we also made and ate some fruit kebabs. This was a fun experience for the children where, for some, they were able to try some new fruits. We had a variety including: strawberries, bananas, grapes, blueberries and raspberries.


In keeping with this theme, we also decided to make our role play area into a 'doctors surgery'. Throughout the week the children have been booking patients in, explaining what is wrong and coming up with ways to help each other feel better. It has been lovely to hear the conversations and interactions that the children have been having with each other.


Enjoy your weekend, fingers crossed for some warm, sunny weather!