Bushey Primary

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Week 12: 25th November 2019

This week we continued to learn about dinosaurs. We drew pictures of our favourite dinosaurs and used our phonic skills to label them. The children also enjoyed playing a ‘who am I’ game, where they gave clues about their dinosaur and others had to guess which dinosaur they had drawn.


We learned that dinosaurs became extinct a long time ago. We also talked about fossils and how they were formed. We looked at skeletons of dinosaurs and tried to work out what which dinosaur it was. We made dinosaur skeleton pictures in the creative area this week. We also became palaeontologists and dug out some dinosaur fossils from chalk. We had to be careful not to damage the dinosaur bones when we did this.


This week we also learned about volcanoes and how they are formed. We worked together to make our own volcano using junk modelling materials and then painted it when it was dry. We are awaiting a volcanic eruption any day now!


The children received their tricky word tags this week. These contain the first 5 tricky words that children need to learn in Reception. Please practise these frequently with your child. When they are confident with these words we will then give them to next set of tricky words to work on.


We are busy practising for our nativity at the moment. Please continue to practise your child’s line with them. Also we are still awaiting some costumes. Please ensure you bring these in as soon as possible.


Each week at school we ensure that every child has the opportunity to read with an adult at least once a week. Therefore we need the children to have their reading book and reading record at school every day, and not just on Tuesday and Friday when they are changed.


Please ensure your child’s reading book is in their bookbag before they come to school each day. Thank you.