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Week 5 - 05.10.20

Wow week five completed already, where has all the time gone! We have had a packed week doing lots of fabulous learning. 


Our sounds this week were g, o, k and c. We have been practising saying our sounds making sure we say them correctly and thinking about words that use these different sounds. We have also been practicing our oral blending skills by saying the sounds separately and then blending them to make whole words. We have also been practising writing our sounds on whiteboards, in the air, on big paper and even in our special coloured rice. We have been doing amazing learning all of our sounds and I know lots of children have been practising these at home!


This week we have been focusing on the number ‘3’. We were thinking abou how 3 is a 2 and another 1. Throughout, the week we have been collecting lots of things that represent the number 3. We did some of these altogether (numicon, fives frame, number fans) and throughout the week the children have been searching for things in the classroom and outside area to show the number 3. We also watched two episodes of Numberblocks these were episode four and five. These can be found on Cbeebies or Youtube. Our maths linked well into our learning about the ‘Golidlocks and the three bears’ we have been reading the story and noticing all the times there was three of something (three spoons, three doors and even three duvets!)


With this story in mind, outside we had a tray with lots of porridge oats (enough to feed a family of bears) and there three bowls so the children could explore which one was the biggest and who’s bowl it could be. 


This week we have been talking about our senses. We have been practising our listening by using our ears to hear the sounds inside the classroom. We have also done this outside and explored which sounds were the same and which were different and why this might be (we decided that a helicopter wouldn’t fit inside the classroom). We have also been using our sense of smell to identify different foods in cups. We passed the cups around the circle and described the smell inside for example was it a nice smell or if it smell familiar to the children. We used pictures to help us guess what was in each cup. We then revealed them and used our eyes to look at them and describe what we could see. 


This week we have also been learning about Harvest. We have learnt about what it is and when it happens. We also looked at some of the fruits and vegetables that might be harvested. We were then sketching the different fruits and vegetables to really look at them and draw them accurately. On the first few days we explored them in their skins and then we cut them open to sketch the insides and discuss what was different and the same. 


It has been a very busy week but as always I am so proud of Orange class!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!!