Bushey Primary

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Week 8

A great deal of our learning this week was centred around World War 1 and the theme of remembrance.  The children did a wonderful job of painting poppies on the pebbles using acrylics.  They had previously sketched poppies and these pebbles are on display at St James' Church to recognise the sacrifice made by those who gave their life.


In Guided Reading, we learnt about the causes of World War 1 and What are we Fighting for by Brian Moses and In Flanders Field by John McRae.  The children showed wonderful maturity when learning about a very serious topic and we enjoyed exploring the imagery in the poetry and thinking about the effect the words had on us as we read.


In English, we brought this learning all together and write cinquain poems.  They have a very fixed structure and the children enjoyed counting syllables and selecting the correct vocabulary to capture the mood.  Their final piece of writing was based on the picture book, Where the Poppies Now Grow.  The children retold the story through a 4 stanza cinquain poem and I was so impressed with the results.  They will tell you, I cried more than once today!  My aim is to send you a picture of their work and (hopefully) upload them onto our class page.


In Maths, we have been learning about factors and multiples.  The children are becoming proficient at drawing factor bugs and working systematically to ensure they don't miss any.  It is important to practise this skill on the "easy" numbers as they will then be ready when they are asked to work with much more challenging numbers.


In Art, the children recreated parts of the Parthenon Marbles as a frieze and then made a comic book to imagine the conversations that might have been taking place.


In History, we learnt about the origins of the Olympics in Ancient Greek time and the children researched and presented their learning to each other.


Well done to all of the Bikeability children who represented themselves and our class all week.