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Week 10

We often get to the end of the week and we cannot believe how quickly it is going! This week is one of those ones!

In English, we have been learning all about the skill needed to write and engaging biography.  We have loved reading about some very inspirational people from the book Little Leaders -  Bold Women in Black History. It is always interesting to read about different challenges that people have faced in their lives and how they have aspired for better things for others.  The children did some brilliant research for their homework and, as a result, we will have a brilliant book of biographies to publish - after we have written them of course!


In Maths, we have started looking at using mental methods to add and subtract to go with our rules of divisibility that we learned earlier in the week.  We have used rounding to help us to estimate answers which is a very important skill, particularly as we begin calculating with 6 and 7 digit numbers.


We began our Geography this week and explored Atlases, learning about grid references, lines of longitude and latitude. We looked up several of the countries that we had read about in Guided Reading on Tuesday which talked about people in developing countries being innovative and inventive with the resources that have around them to create the most sophisticated of technologies.


There was great excitement on Wednesday when our first shipment of Who Let the Gods Out arrived.  The children are LOVING the story so far.  Thank you to those of you have been able to donate to the school.  We are still happily (and gratefully) receiving any other copies!!  We have also squirreled away copies of the sequels onto my shelves for when we are finished but don't tell anyone!


In Science we have begun learning about forces and watched a brilliant video of someone defying gravity on The Wall of Death!  We shall be exploring forces through a series of experiments this half term.


I have been rubbish at taking photos this week - sorry -although I did watch some brilliant problem solving and team work on display at break and lunch in the week!  Photos attached!