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Week 7: 14th October

Our final full week before half term. The children are looking tired but haven't they worked hard this half term. 


This week we had a special delivery,  a strange object had appeared in the classroom. After exploring it we decided it was definitely a pumpkin. They children used words such as smooth, hard, heavy to describe it. Although at first we thought the colour was orange on closer look we discovered all the other colours. In the creative area we have been doing observational paintings of pumpkins thinking about all the different colours as well as small details on the pumpkin skin.


The children have been fantastic this week as lots of our usual routines have been changed. They have been sitting and singing beautifully in Harvest assembly practice and really showing the older children how to behave. Well done Parrots. We had our photographs as well as our flu jabs so the children have really been superstars with all these changes throughout the week. 


We have learnt three new sounds this week which should have been added to your sound tags. We have also be focusing on initial sounds and starting to write these on our work. This is the beginnings of writing and it's very exciting for the children. 


Lunches next week are changing slightly to accommodate the children's favourite lunches 


Tuesday 22nd October - Roast beef (RED) / quorn pattie (GREEN) / jacket potato (BLUE)


Wednesday 23rd October - Fish (RED) / pizza (GREEN)


Dates for your diary 

Harvest Assembly  21st October at 2:15 and 22nd October at 9:15 

Break up for Half term 23rd October 

Back to school 4th November 

Parent consultations 6th and 7th November 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach